Time to get cozy

It has been grey and dreary here lately and the only thing I feel like doing is this……





………sitting by a fire and doing nothing else.

  Are you ready for Thanksgiving?


I seem to have a glitch in my new blog format and my responses to your comments are not showing up.  I apologize for this and hope to have it fixed soon!

Thank you so much for taking the time to say hello.

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6 comments on “Time to get cozy

  1. Lauren I like your new blog format…very nice! And great picture of you!

    Yes, those images are very inviting and make me want to have a fire and read all of my Christmas magazines. So glad my daughter is cooking Thanksgiving this year! So yes, I am ready since I only have to make potatoes….easy!

    Hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving Lauren! xo

  2. Claudia on said:

    Not quite ready for Thanksgiving. Lots to do tomorrow including setting the table, making a few dishes in advance and taking photos for a new blog post, which I hope to post tomorrow! Nothing like a little pressure.

    I love the photos you shared, especially the 3rd one (I pinned it a while back and it’s still one of my favorites). We have a fireplace, but we don’t use it because it was originally a coal-burning fireplace and is too small for logs. We should have converted it to gas years ago. How I’d love to have a fire this Thanksgiving! Those photos are so cozy!! Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. KellyHGF on said:

    I love that room in pic#2! I should be cleaning/cooking for Thankgiving instead of reading blogs. :)

  4. Linda @ My Crafty Home Life on said:

    I don’t feel like doing much, either. Happy Thanksgiving. Maybe next week will be a more productive week….or, maybe not. I love the new layout.

  5. Hi Lauren,
    We haven’t used our fireplace yet this year. It hasn’t been cold enough.
    In the first 2 pictures, it seems weird to have a fire burning when it appears sunny outside. Maybe it’s cold & sunny?
    OK, no more blog reading. I’ve got a ton of stuff to do. Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family.

  6. I SHOULD be getting my T’giving prep done, but I’m reading blogs. . But this is SOOOO much more fun. Love those pics you posted. That first one is my fave. Have a great Thanksgiving!.

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