The One Room Challenge….it’s baaaack!


That’s right friends.  The One Room Challenge is back and officially starts today!  Look at that amazing group of bloggers…this is going to be fun!  Follow along as I spend the next 6 weeks giving my master bathroom a (much needed) makeover.  Oh yea. Crazy, I know.  But I figured this challenge is just what I need to get it done.  And, oh how it needs it.

So here is the breakdown of the bathroom.  When we bought this house, we inherited this builder-basic bathroom with honey-oak cabinets, laminate counter tops and linoleum (did I tell you it was basic?!?).  Over the years, we painted the walls, painted the cabinets and carried the hardwood floors from the bedroom into the bathroom.  Which helped alot and bought us some time.  However, we were still left with popcorn ceilings, a huge garden tub that eats up 75% of the bathroom, old sinks, tiny faucets and a large builder vanity mirror.

OK, this is the embarrassing part when I have to show you the “before’s”.  You’re probably thinking “it can’t be any worse than her husband’s office” and fortunately, you are right!!!

This is the view as you are walking into the bathroom from the bedroom.  The doors on your left and right are the closet doors to our very tiny closets.


On the left, across from the vanity is the large garden tub.  Notice the pretty glass block, huh?


Here you can already see that progress is being made.  My neighbor came over on Sunday and helped my husband remove the mirror.  Thankfully, it came down easily and no one was injured.  I was too nervous to watch.


Please come back next week when I’ll show you my plans for this bathroom makeover….and there may have even been some more progress made!!

Also, be sure to check out what all of these other talented girls are up to.  Can’t wait to follow them along!


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26 comments on “The One Room Challenge….it’s baaaack!

  1. Julia Ryan on said:

    Love that you’re doing a bathroom! Such a fun room to transform!

  2. Kim Macumber on said:

    Okay … I think I have a 1970′s love for glass block!!! Can’t wait to see how you transform this space! xo

  3. Beth Connolly on said:

    I am doing my powder room so I am excited to follow what you do. This will be fun.

  4. Linda @ My Crafty Home Life on said:

    That is some big tub. Why do builders think we want to live like this? I know it’s going to be great when you get done with it. The floors are beautiful.

  5. Oooh you’ve got nice to space to work with here, Lauren. Can’t wait to see what you do to jazz it up!

  6. barbara@hodge:podge on said:

    Ooh, a bathroom. Can’t wait to watch it transform!

  7. Pam @ Simple Details on said:

    So fun to see another bathroom, Lauren ~ I’m new to your blog, but have peeked around a little and can’t wait to see more of your fabulous style!

  8. Heather | Vivid Hue on said:

    Yah! I can’t wait to see what you do for the master b. Love following this challenge and glad to be following you!

  9. Jennifer on said:

    Oh wow, you’re already making things happen! I know it’s going to be beautiful — can’t wait to see what you do!

  10. Yeah!! I’m loving this challenge and can’t wait to see what everyone does! I can’t wait to see what you did…I know it is going to be great!

  11. Enjoyed your other ORC so much…can’t wait to see what you do in your bathroom. I’m sure it will be awesome. Have fun!

  12. Kathleen DiPaolo on said:

    I can’t wait to see this. I can’t believe you are doing this in 6 weeks!! I am impressed! Kathleen

  13. I see so many bathrooms that look similar to this one. Cannot wait to see how you update it!

  14. LindsB on said:

    What a great space to do!! Its something you use everyday- it should be beautiful and perfect! I cant WAIT to see how it turns out!

  15. LittleBlackDoor on said:

    This is gonna be a good one, I can tell. Can’t wait to see what you do!

  16. Nicole Scott on said:

    Wow – I love it when things get rolling right away! ….you’re not kidding around! Your bathroom has lots of room and so much potential I think you’re going to nail this one!! Can’t wait to see what you do!

  17. Can’t wait to see what you do! You are a brave lady to take on a bathroom!!

  18. classic • casual • home on said:

    Bravo to you…this is a big project. For some reason the tub photo didn’t load on my computer. I’m excited to see your plans!

  19. I’m loving this blank slate starting point. So many possibilities and it makes for a dramatic “after”. Excited to see it come to life!

  20. KATHYSUE on said:

    Bathrooms are a big undertaking, but they are my favorite room to design besides childrens rooms. It sounds like your husband is a hands on guy so that is a huge help. It is going to be fun following along with everybody’s makeovers.
    Love this challenge,

  21. sherry hart on said:

    Girl….this will be great…just the push you need to get it done. A….a few more ORC’s and your whole house will get a makeover:)

  22. Mallory on said:

    If you want to get rid of your popcorn ceilings I did all of ours in a 3 story town home myself and it was way easier than it sounds. Its messy but goes fast once you get it started! Cant wait to see how it all comes together!

  23. I have to hand it to you…You are brave! It would take me 6 weeks just to decide on a paint color.
    But you are off to a great start. The floors are beautiful. When we re-did our guest bath last year I want to run our hardwoods into the room but John said it would be a bad idea. I’m still kicking myself for listening to him.

  24. Can’t wait to see what you do with this room!
    Isn’t That Charming.

  25. Naomi (Design Manife on said:

    Uggg glass block is the worst!! Sometimes my dad still suggests it and I have to give him a stern lecture that its not 1988 any more. Looking forward to see lots of improvements!

  26. Hi there I’m Elisa-I’m new to your blog and so excited to see what you do with your bathroom! I’ll be anxiously following! Cheers!

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