Simple and Inexpensive Idea

Hello.  Hope you had a nice Labor Day weekend.  This Summer sure did fly by, didn’t it?

I came across this on Pinterest. (Could not find the source!)

What a difference!!  Right?  I few shelves and that big blank wall is filled and styled.  So long, too-small media cabinet.  If you wanted a more streamlined look, there are lots of inexpensive floating shelf options out there.  This would be great in a kids room/playroom/basement or media room, too!


If you want a dressier look, Pottery Barn has a nice option with more detail.


Sometimes it’s just that simple.

4 Day week here we come!!

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6 comments on “Simple and Inexpensive Idea

  1. Hooray for the 4 day! And that shelving arrangement is a huge improvement. I’m thinking of adding some in my dining room.

  2. Funny! I pinned that same pix to do in my kiddos SMALL playroom! We have a small computer armoire and this will give them a little more space! And I’m thinking about painting the wall behind with chalkboard paint! I’ve been wanting to paint a wall in our house with chalkboard paint!

  3. The “before” picture looks like it’s from a guy’s bachelor pad.
    The “after” looks like his new girlfriend/wife decided she couldn’t stand looking at it any longer & decided to fix the situation.

  4. Great solution for that TV monster-in-the-room problem. Embrace it!
    xo Nancy

  5. Such a wonderful simple solution!
    Here is the original link

  6. What a difference. Great idea.

    Have a great weekend Lauren!

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