My Weekend Project

Last week, I shared an image of a store in Savannah that stopped me in my tracks.  Something about that color caught my attention and made me want to paint something teal.  I threw caution to the wind, grabbed my paint brush and started painting before I had time to talk myself out of it (you know how that goes) and I’m so happy I did it!  I used Benjamin Moore, Bermuda Turquoise.  I love how the foyer feel like it’s own little room now and how the planking stands out.  Oh, the power of paint.

This is the view from my favorite seat in the house.  Funny how a color can make you happy.

I purchased the secretary a year and a half ago from a local antique store (The Antique Market) and it’s a workhorse.  It keeps all of our household paperwork organized and the drawers house my table linens and china (yes, my china).  Best purchase I’ve ever made hands down!  The green umbrella stand from ebay holds my new collection of bamboo walking sticks.

The chair, painting and federal mirror also came from the Antique Market.  Can you tell I like antique shopping?!?

 Have you been inspired by color lately?  Please, do share!

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23 comments on “My Weekend Project

  1. This space is absolutely perfect! Every detail! Yes, I know how those paint projects go :) .

  2. I want to steal every piece in your foyer!! :) It’s perfect and the color is so dramatic! At first, I thought your foyer picture was the store and then I realized it was your home!! I am curious as to what it looked like before you painted. I’ll have to search your blog!! Great transformation!

    • Lauren on said:

      Hi Fran. Thank you for your sweet comments! I should have dug out an old picture of my foyer. I believe there is one in my portfolio (link is under the header). Thank you for stopping by!!

  3. gorgeous!

  4. Absolutely love it. All. You should do a montage of all the color changes and furniture swaps that foyer has seen! But it always looks fab. No exciting colors going on my walls in the near future, but would love to incorporate that gorgeous teal in some accents. Btw, I have a cute walking stick that’s been in my car for about a year I’ve been meaning to give you…

  5. Pam @ Simple Details on said:

    Gorgeous color and beautiful styling, Lauren!

  6. Stacey on said:

    Love the new color! Your entry is beautiful!

  7. Stacey on said:

    That is a wonderful color and it is perfect with your planked walls. Love!!

  8. Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door on said:

    You’ve picked such great pieces and I love the acquired look. The paint color is the perfect backdrop and I love it against the white moulding.

  9. Ok, this settles it. I need to paint my kitchen’s lower cabinets this color. I love it! As soon as it warms up so I can paint them in the garage. The way things are going weather wise, it will be awhile.
    Also, I promise I’m not copying you but I have been wanting a secretary for my dining room.
    What did you do with the bench you had in your foyer?

    • Lauren on said:

      Hi Mary, hope you are trying to stay warm. The bench has been moved to the wall down from the foyer. It was a little too long and so I had to find a new home for it :) You will be very happy with a secretary….lots of great storage. Please send me a picture of your kitchen cabinets…that sounds like it is going to look great. Take care!!

  10. Oh my, now I want to grab my paintbrush and paint something teal. What a gorgeous color and it look so perfect in your foyer. Love every last detail of your beautiful foyer!

  11. martha welch on said:

    Love the teal! Looks gorgeous with all of your pieces. Is that one of Ester Dean’s paintings?

  12. Elle Woeller on said:

    Your foyer looks great Lauren! I love the contrast between the blue and white. I’ve been dragging my feet about painting my front hallway (once I start, I have to keep going up two flights of stairs and two long hallways!) but I think I need to “Just Do It”!

  13. sherry hart on said:

    That color is definitely speaking to me….it is so warm and the whole space is furnished just perfect. Love the black chest and every little accessory.

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