Market recap

*********(More) Technical Difficulties*******  For some reason comments are not posting, and all of my comments that have ever been published are gone!  If you have questions about any of the items you see in the post, feel free to email me at

Hope to have this fixed soon.  Thanks for hanging with me!!


Hello there.  Hope you all have been doing well.

Is today really Thursday?!?  Crazy how fast the weeks go by.  We had a lot of fun in Atlanta!  Not only is that place a mecca for all things design, it has some of the nicest people….which only added to our great experience.

One thing for sure, green is the color.  Of course, you all knew that!  But we didn’t see a lot of emerald green, instead kelly green and grass green (which I prefer anyway).  Oh, and lots of Navy.  Ok, I’ll just get to the pictures.
















Lots of gorgeous stuff there, right?  I’ll be back soon with a post on Scott’s and our visit to the Atlanta design center.  Have a good one!!


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