Kitchen cabinets….painted or white?

Good Morning, friends.  I want to thank you for your warm welcome back.  I’m so happy YOU are here.

Here’s a Monday morning pop quiz for ya.  Which do you prefer….colored cabinets or white cabinets?













 Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Have a great day!

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14 comments on “Kitchen cabinets….painted or white?

  1. Hi Lauren,
    I like white uppers & colored lowers. I need for that to happen in my own kitchen. As soon as the weather warms up enough to allow painting all the doors out in my garage.

  2. Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door on said:

    I’ve always been a white cabinet girl. But I really am loving a mix lately.

  3. Stacey on said:

    I always thought I was a white kitchen gal but am now a fan of wood or colored on lowers and white on uppers or no uppers at all.

  4. morgan on said:

    i like the all white too. yet, i am loving the darker look i see at urban grace and other fun places too. when it’s a hard decision like this, and i like both, i have to decide how easy it would be to change it up later if i change my mind. bc maybe the colored cabinets are a tad bit more trendy? and bc something like repainting all my cabinets would take lots of work, it has me leaning towards the classic/traditional choice of white. maybe a bathroom vanity in a gray color would be an easier way for me to ease into the color idea! love the pics you chose

  5. Maria on said:

    Ditto to everyone above. The white is gorgeous and timeless, the colored are fabulous but you worry that you will change your preference in a few years. So I did white uppers and a section of lowers in SW Coastal Plain (greenish blue). Makes me happy every single time I look at them, and I don’t think I will ever get tired of that section with color.

  6. nancy on said:

    I love white cabinets but mary ann of classic casual home suggested I paint my island. and if she speaks I listen :) so I just painted it last week (BM graphite) and I love it beyond words so i’m now a fan of mixing the two :)

  7. I love both and if I had an island, would paint it a color – dark grey, or maybe some kind of ocean blue. But white is classic and has longevity – the colored cabs will look dated more quickly I think.

  8. Joyce on said:

    Like both but I would luv to have white kitchen cabinets especially since we have no outside window because they are so classic and timeless! I have cherry cabinets which came with the house. My husband is a carpenter and can’t imagine anyone painting these pretty cherry cabinets white…..such is life….lived with these over 20 years….a gal can hope, can’t she?

  9. Karen on said:

    I love love love the gray cabinets with gold hardware. BUT, I’m not sure I could live with it….know what I mean? I really think white is for me :)

    (great images btw!)

  10. I have an all white kitchen, and it does brighten my space on the northwest side of my home, but it also gets dirty very easily with fingerprints, grease, etc. so, I would consider adding in some color somewhere! Island, lower cabinets would be a great place.
    And I love your color considerations!

  11. Lynda on said:

    When we redid our kitchen, I knew I wanted our oak cupboards painted. Everyone, it seems, opts for white–so I wanted something different. I chose a nice, light khaki–a neutral that goes with everything. That’s been 2 1/2 yrs. ago and everyday I walk into my kitchen and love them more than I did the day before. I adore painted cupboards!!!

  12. sherry hart on said:

    I love painted cabinets….for everyone else or if I had a second home but since I can’t commit and it is expensive to have them painted I have to stick with white:( I hate that about me.

  13. Heather on said:

    Anybody know where I can find these lights? The oversized grey pendant lights over the island?

  14. I really like the look of colored cabinets, but not in my house. Just now as I was scrolling past all of the lovely-colored cabinets I thought, “how nice, how cheerful, how sophisticated…” Then as the white cabinets emerged, I audibly sighed: feeling peaceful, calm, relaxed. – A sigh of relief. Just the way I like to feel in my own home.

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