Cozy Up

It’s cold.

This weather makes me want to hibernate inside and any of these spaces would do just fine.

Layer, layer, layer.  And I’m not talking about clothing.


This room proves that cozy doesn’t have to be dark.  Notice the mix of floral fabric on the sofa and the Beni Ourain rug….I like how unexpected that looks and it works beautifully.

This library by Beth Webb is one of my favorites……maybe it’s the fireplace.  It has “keep the coffee coming”  written all over it.

Love the classic, English feel that Tammy Connor created in this space.

Stay warm, friends.


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3 comments on “Cozy Up

  1. Books add such a great layer of texture don’t they? I need bookcases, especially after seeing this post!

  2. I LOVE the layered room with the print chair and bookcase. There is a fine line between cluttered and layered, and this designer nailed it. I usually fall on the cluttered side of the line I’m afraid. I have been admiring dark green bookcases and would really like to incorporate them in a corner of my bedroom with a leopard print club chair…

  3. Lovely, cozy rooms. And I noticed they all have bookcases. Recently I added a small bookcase to my living room. It may be small but it made big difference to the space.
    And I now have more surfaces to dust! So it’s a win win.

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