another project on the to-do list

Hello there!  Hope you had a good week.  Thought I’d show you a new piece that I picked up for an upcoming bathroom project (it’s the hutch in the background).  Found it at my local Antique Market (which is where I buy most furniture!) and it’s in great condition.





And this is what I have in mind for it.


Not sure if I’m going to keep the decorative wood pieces in the glass doors or take them out like the one above.

  What do you think?


Also, I am in the process of making a few changes to my blog….so it may be down for a little while!

Have a great weekend.

(Did you know Thanksgiving is next week?!?!)

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11 comments on “another project on the to-do list

  1. Ohh, I love the hutch. And, what I love more is that it has a flat top; I can totally see blue and white jars on top! And, I am in the camp of taking the decorative pieces off the glass doors. I think that will provide a good mix….your hutch has some great decorative detailing that I think will be highlighed even more if the glass doors are plain & simple. BTW, if you do decide to take out the wooden pieces, I’m curious to know how you do that.

  2. That is going to look great Lauren….so pretty. I especially love the brass hardware on the piece….nice! Can’t wait to see it finished.

    I can’t believe Thanksgiving is already next week and I’m so glad my daughter is hosting! I’m almost ready to move!

    Have a great weekend Lauren.

  3. Elizabeth on said:

    Love it! And, I would keep the decorative pieces in the glass. I think they make the piece!

  4. Linda @ My Crafty Home Life on said:

    I love it. Will you paint the inside a different color? I really like seeing you on the sidebar. Great picture.

  5. Hi Lauren,
    I think taking out the wood pieces on the glass doors gives it a cleaner look. It just depends on what “feel” you want the space to have. If you are going for a vintage feel, I would leave them on.
    I hope you paint the interior a fun color. Is this for your bathroom or a client?
    When I made over our guest bathroom, I thought about taking the doors off the linen closet & putting a cabinet inside the space. I love furniture in bathrooms. But I ended up not doing it because the items that needed to be stored weren’t exacltly pretty to look at. I suppose I could do it but I would have to put little curtains on the glass doors. Now you got me thinking about it again. Shoot! Decorating is never done!!!

    I’m glad Thanksgiving is coming soon. My little gourds & pumpkins are getting moldy. Not a good festive look!

  6. jamie@[kreyv] on said:

    I love that! If you can’t decide on the pieces (I think both would look good, so I’m no help), then I would take them out just to save time and work! I love that you can see straight through. It’s such a clean look!

  7. Leave them, they are like jewelry!

  8. Linda@limeinthe coconut on said:

    I say YES….love the inspiration pic….a two room bathroom. Wowza!

  9. Love that piece! What/Where is this antique market?? And I think you should take them out for a more modern look :)

  10. sherry hart on said:

    Take em out….and now I want one of those for my bathroom…thanks.

  11. Lauren on said:

    What a great idea! I am totally inspired to re-work an old piece for our new bathroom. Where is the inspiration photo from? I really like that white cabinet but the link did not work. thanks!

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